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Gaily and Jackie Thompson have been dabbling in soap equipiment since 1999 when they designed and developed ProForm Molds. A unique 12 pour 3D mold system. Two years ago, they decided to buy the rights of the mold system they have been using in their soapmaking business since 2002. They re-engineered a great system with a few downfalls into the most impressive manual large soap production equipment on the market today! The philosophy behind their enterprise is "If we can't make it better than our competition, we don't make it!"

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15 Logs Per Mold!

Increase production with larger batches! 15 logs per mold.

Our soap molds hold approximately 45 pounds of soap! 

Make as little or as much as you want!

Our Molds are Easy to Use


Our molds are silicone lined, easy to assemble and take apart!


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